Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Current Situation

Andrew & Linda are back in Indiana trying to figure out what they else they could possibly do to bring Alexia & Simone to the US. I'm sure you can imagine how they felt at the Embassy that day: their anticipation of getting the final signature on the visas so their could bring the girls home with them, dashed in a moment by a laughing Immigration Official "just doing her job."
In addition to the thousands of dollars they have spent on traveling, filing forms, doctor appointments, school, clothes, etc., they have also been preparing their home for the girls to live with them. They have returned frustrated and at the end of their rope. This has been a financial and emotional strain on them for the last 2 and a half years, but it was a strain they willingly accepted so they could become parents to Alexia & Simone.

They have reached the end of their knowledge of what to do in this situation but in no way do they want to give up. Their goal is still to make Simone and Alexia part of their family. It is hoped that, by getting this story out, not only will an impact be made in their case . . . but also in the case of anyone else going through a similar situation.

There is a list of links on the side for the email pages of Andrew & Linda's governor, senator and congressman. Letters have been already sent to them asking for help in the matter. But, if this story has touched you, please send them an email asking them to look into this case.

Thank you!